Darshan Pania

Darshan Pania

I'm the Android Team Lead at CleverTap, building and maintaining the Android side of all the SDKs.

Apart from Android, I'm interested in Equity Stocks, Product Management, Technical and Fiction Writing and Arsenal FC ⚽

About Me

I started my tech career after graduating from T.S.E.C and joining Accenture as a COBOL engineer. I switched to JAVA in 6 months and was part of multiple projects where I learnt other technologies like Oracle SQL and Shell Programming (Linux & UNIX) as well.

3 years later, I quit to join my friends at Grabstr where I picked up Android Development, Product Management and Digital Marketing. When Grabstr couldn't take off, I joined a health-tech startup called DawaiBox where I was the Lead Android Engineer for their Doctor & Patient Apps.

1 year later, my good friend Supreet Kini referred me to CleverTap to join their newly formed SDK team of 1 person πŸ˜…It's been 3 glorious years at CleverTap and we now have a team of 3 people conquering new boundaries of Android Library Development.

Apart from everything technical, I write micro-fiction and send them out as weekly newsletters via my Substack - Lost Meandering Thoughts. If you're fan of fiction, do check it out.

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